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NOTE: Only 1 carton per transaction can be purchased due to purchase dollar limit by the payment service provider. Please repeat the purchase process for every additional carton of mask or contact us for bank transfer

Carton of masks (40 Boxes of 20)

Carton of masks (40 Boxes of 20)

SKU: CARB-4D-1499

Price per 1 carton/40 boxes of CARBONANO masks


    CARBONANO Activated Carbon disposable face mask consists of 4 yet easy to breathe filtration layers made with high quality fabrics providing a complete set of protection against health threats. It provides the users with full coverage around nose and mouth with no gap between the skin and the mask., especially designed to prevent mask-lips touch, No lipstick stain and mess..... It has an Elegant and comfortable design especially for ladies. It comes with extra soft ear loops which are strongly attached to the mask. Unbelievable but true, it is not easy to tear them off. and a flexible nose bridge (aluminum wire inside a plastic molding). The mask will protect against DUST, POLLUTION, TOXIC GASES and SMOKE. Also, Activated carbon filter provides an effective odor filtration as well                          as particulate matter filtration. The masks come in a package of 20.


    1. Returns are accepted up to a maximum of 7 days.

    2. Shipping costs must be covered by the buyer

    3. Returns are NOT accepted if the carton is missing any quantity of mask packages/boxes. The total number of Carbonano mask boxes in 1 carton is 40. When retuned a carton must have 40 un-opened boxes of Carbonano masks in it.


    Shipping is Free in the Greater Toronto Area. Shipping outside of GTA will cost $60 CAD+Tax

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