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We have calculated all the costs and have come up with a fixed price per each package of masks. This price includes the Canadian compliant standard ready for sale package of 10 masks, export and shipping costs from Vietnam and customs brokering,Taxes and duties at Canada border. The only thing excluded in the price is the shipping cost from the Canadian port of import to your Canadian address. This local shipping cost will depend on the size of the shipment and the destination address. We will provide you with the cost when we get your local delivery address. If you decide to pick up the shipment yourself there will not be any additional costs other than the fixed per package price as mentioned above.

Here is an overview of the costs:


order                                  1 pallet = 18 Cartons

quantity                             120 mask packages / Carton                      2,160 packages of masks



Fixed price for each packages of masks                                                $4.00 Canadian

Total cost delivered at the Canadian port :                     $8,640 Canadian

Local Delivery Cost to your door ranges between         $700  to $2,000


We supply All over CANADA door to door, Unless requested otherwise. So you will not have to worry about anything until you have received your shipment at your door.

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